Transport & Map

By car
[Southbound from Taipei and Su’ao] Take the route from Hualien Airport to downtown Hualien. Pass the underpass in front of Carrefour Hualien Store. Turn right on the first traffic light to Chung Yang Road. Drive about 8 km and turn left on Fu Chang Road. Pass the railroad crossing and turn left on Ji Feng Road of Taiwan Route 9 northbound for about 1.5 km and the destination is on the right.
[Huatung Valley Mountain Line] Take northbound highway and drive to Taiwan Route 9 of Sec. 2 Ji Feng Road (208.5K) and the destination is on the right.
[East Coast Line] Take the route to Hualien City, cross the Hualien Bridge, go straight and pass Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation. Go straight and turn left on Hai’an Road. Turn left after seeing 7-11. Take Zhikaxuan Boulevard and turn right when seeing the railroad crossing. Turn right on Ji Feng Road of Taiwan Route 9, go straight and the destination is on the right.
By bus
Walk from Hualien Train Station (front station) to Hualien Bus Terminal. Take South Line (via Taiwan Route 9 and Huatung Valley).
Hualien Bus 1121: Hualien Train Station – Guangfu
Hualien Bus 1122: Hualien Train Station – Ruisui
Buy a ticket to Yongle and get off at Guangxian Road Station. Walk about 400 meters (6 minutes) and arrive at Toong Mao Resort and Hotels.
By train
[Ji’an Train Station]
Exit the train station. There is a height limit sign on the right-hand side. Turn right on the first intersection and soon arrive at the destination (approximately 10 to 15 minute walk).
[Hualien Train Station]
Take a taxi at the Hualien Train Station for about 20 minutes. The taxi ride costs about NT$ 200.
By plane
There are flights to Hualien from Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung every day.
You can also take a taxi and you will arrive about 25 minutes later. The taxi ride costs about NT$ 250.
Pick-up service
1. Call 03-8542111 for pick-up reservation. Each person is charged NT$ 200 for one way.
2. Pick-up location: Hualien Train Station and Ji’an Train Station
3. Pick-up time: 9:00 to 16:00
4. Reservation three-days prior to arrival is required. Rational arrangements will be made by the pick-up staff according to the priority of pick-ups of the day.
5. Guests who did not make a reservation within the time required must accept the arrangements depending on the number of staff available. If no staff is available, the hotel has the right to reject the pick-up.
6. Pick-up rules are subject to the announcements on the website.